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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bosch and Neff Integrated Washing Machines

Which is best? Bosch or Neff Built In Washing Machines

So you are looking into purchasing a high quality integrated washing machine but are not keen to look down the route of purchasing a Miele as the drum is too small, or perhaps it is because of the price. Well if that is the case you should consider Bosch or Neff integrated washing machines, they both have superb German quality and price wise are considerably cheaper than their German counter part.

Now we have to decide which is best, Bosch or Neff built in washing machines? So the differences between the Bosch and Neff integrated washing machines are very clear, and in fact there is only one main difference and that is, one is badged as a Bosch and the other is badged as a Neff! That said, this single difference between Bosch and Neff built in washing machines does not distract from them all being great appliances. There are two options for Bosch and Neff integrated washing machines, you can either go for a 1200 rpm spin speed or a 1400 rpm spin speed. The 1400 spin speeds come with a large LED display, they all come with AAB ratings for energy efficiency, spin speed and wash performance respectively. It must be said that the drum sizes for these built in washing machines are far superior to the Miele drum size of a mere 5kg, with the Bosch and Neff integrated washing machines you get a 7kg drum, which is a good size for a built in washer.

The options for the Bosch and Neff built in washing machines are as follows;

Neff W5440X0GB - 1400 spin speed
Neff W5420X0GB - 1200 spin speed
Bosch WIS24140GB - 1200 spin speed
Bosch WIS28440GB - 1400 spin speed


  1. Go Neff it's normally cheaper

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