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Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Miele WDA101 Review

Miele have released a range of classic washing machines. This comes after their release of the W1 range, that perhaps did not take off as well as expected. The "Classic" range goes back to all that was good with a Miele washing machine, things that one would expect from a Miele washing machine, such as exceptional build quality, simple elegant design and ease of use.

The Miele Classic range of washing machines comprises of four machines, namely the WDA101, WDA111, WDA201 and the WDA211. There is little between these machines, below you can view the slight differences between each model.

To start with we take a look at the WDA101, this is the entry level machine and comes with an array of programmes. With the WDA101 we will take you through the specifications of the machine, as going up through the range there become very few differences.

So the WDA101 is a 7kg capacity washing machine, it has a 1400 maximum but variable spin speed, its an energy efficient machine and has a A+++ rating for energy efficiency. The WDA101 has an LED display that displays hygiene information along with a countdown and programme sequence indicator. The programmes on this Classic washing machine are as follows; Automatic plus, Cottons, Minimum iron, Delicates, Shirts, Woollens (hand-washable), Express 20, Dark garments/Denim, Drain/Spin and has options such as Short, Soak, Pre-wash, Water plus and Additional rinse. The WDA101 has a straight fascia, comes in lotus white and has a chrome door and a 2 year warranty.

Next is the WDA111, so this has all the same features as the WDA101 but has a slanted fascia and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Then we have the WDA201, this has the same flat fascia as the WDA101 but has again a 5 year warranty like the WDA111 and also has a delay start function.

Finally we have the WDA211, this Classic Miele washing machine has slanted fascia, delay start and also has a 5 year warranty.

Friday, 15 May 2015

We're Back!

Hello and welcome to the new and improved blog for Premier Electrics! We are Premier Electrics a family run domestic appliance retailer and servicer based in the South of England. With over 40 years in the industry we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and reliable service and we are confident that we’d be able to assist with any of your needs.
As you can see from the date of our last post we haven’t shown this blog the love and attention it deserves. This is now a thing of the past as we will be updating this page regularly with Product information, helpful guides, updates on our shop refurbishment and promotions on offer, such as our upcoming June Sale.

As well as this blog our Facebook and Twitter pages, which have been fairly dormant as well, are going to become a lot more active and will have more day to day information so it is a good idea to check them out as well!

For all your appliance needs please call us on 0800 592 107, send us an email at or visit our website:

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New Miele Washer Dryer

The New Miele Washer Dryer WT2796


Miele have after many years of offering the WT2780 have decided to launch their new washer dryer, the Miele WT2796!! This came as quite a surprise as there were no heads up from Miele until a few weeks ago. So what is the significance? Miele at the beginning of the year revamped their range of Washing Machines and introduced the highly technical W1 washing machine range, which was sold initially only via John Lewis, then introduced to the independents and other major retailers. After only a few months Miele then decided to introduce a "Classic" range of washing machines, possibly because of the W1 range not doing as well as maybe they originally through it would.

The WT2780 washer dryer has been a great seller for Miele, so why are they releasing a new model? Well since the WT2780 has been around washer dryers have grown in capacity and with the WT2780 only offering a 5.5kg capacity on a wash cycle and 3kg on a dry cycle is has become very small and when compared to a mid range Bosch washer dryer that can offer a 7kg wash capacity and 4kg drying capacity competitors are benefiting from Miele's solitary small capacity washer dryer. So the new Miele WT2796 now offers a 6kg wash capacity and a larger drying capacity. This seems to be a small change but could it open up their market reach? Personally for me I am not sure it will be enough, they will obviously still benefit from their large current customer base but is the capacity still too small and the price too steep for them to gain market share of the washer dryer sector? We will have to wait and see.

You can still purchase the WT2780 washer dryer while stocks last and can get a pretty good price on one from £1299. You can expect to pay upon release of the WT2796 approximately £1599.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Miele Washing Machine Deals


Miele are offering deals such as 10 year warranties on the WDA210 to £100 Cashback on the T1 Series Tumble Dryers.

For the best deal on Miele machines look no further than these examples;

Miele WDA210: ONLY £929 and comes with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY

Miele TMG440: ONLY £1199 comes with £100 CASHBACK

All Miele W1 Washing machines currently have £100 cashback as well as all the Miele T1 Tumble Dryers. Both the Miele WDA100 & WDA110 have £75 cashback.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Miele Classic Washing Machines


Miele have introduced a new range of washing machines in their "classic" style to add to their range of W1 washing machines. Here is a quick list detailing the major specifications of them;

Miele WDA100: The WDA100 is their new entry level washing machine that comes with only a 2 year warranty. With the Miele WDA100 comes a 7KG Honeycomb drum a 1400 RPM max spin speed a Time Left Display and an energy class of A++.

Miele WDA110: With the WDA110 comes the 5 year warranty that we tend to expect from a Miele washing machine. The WDA110 also has a 7KG Honeycomb drum and the 1400 spin speed, time left and A++ energy rating. So far there is little difference but the WDA110 has a slanted fascia unlike the WDA110 and doesn't have the rinse hold function like the WDA100. There is on average a £50 price difference between this and the previous model so for £50 you get three more years warranty a slanted fascia.

Miele WDA200: Again this washer comes with a 5 Year warranty, 7KG capacity, 1400 spin and time left as per the WDA110. With the Miele WDA200 you get in addition an energy class of A+++ and delay start.

Miele WDA210: Finally we have the Miele WDA210. This is the top end machine from the "Classic" range. The WDA210 has all the same features as the WDA200 but it comes with a 10 Year Warranty and a slanted fascia. The WDA210 tends to cost on average £150 more than the WDA200.


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Miele T1 Heat Pump Tumble Dryers


What's so great about Miele's new line of heat pump tumble dryers? A great deal in fact. They are gentle on your clothes, make less work for ironing, energy efficient and will last for years. Let's go through what's new and what the benefits are;

For starters Miele have a feature called FragranceDos, this allows you to add (from a range of scents) a fragrant capsule that adds an added scent to your laundry that can last up to four weeks. FragranceDos is a facility you can opt in or out of using when and if you choose. 

PerfectDry, this is a sensor function that detects delicacy and residual moisture of laundry and adapts the heat and time to allow for the laundry to be "perfectly dry".

EcoFeedback is a cool function that displays a forecast of energy consumption on a programme and also offers a full breakdown summary once a cycle has been completed. This is a great function to assist in saving even more energy.

What else is new? Well there are two different designs ChromeEdition and WhiteEdition. 

From the ChromeEdition range there is the Miele TKB440 WP but be careful with this model as it has a silver colour plastic door, which if you are purchasing a W1 washing machine may not match so well. The TKG440 WP and the TKR350 WP match well with the W1 washing machines. The TKG440 WP has FragranceDos, PerfectDry and EcoFeedBack and the TKR650 WP also includes Mix of Individual Items and Favourites options.

The WhiteEdition only has one tumble dryer in the range, that being the Miele TMG 440 WP. This heat pump dryer has PerfectDry, A+ Energy Rating, FragranceDos, Steam Finish and EcoFeedBack.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Miele W1 Washing Machines! What's it all About?

Miele Release the W1 Washing Machine Range


It's been a while since Miele has dramatically changed their washing machine range, March 2014 sees Miele do this with the release of their W1 washing machine range. 

So, what's new? 

For starters "The Design", Miele have come away from their two previous designs to merge them together in a round about kind of way. They now offer either a ChromeEdition or WhiteEdition, of which, both lines are similar but do have subtle design differences.
The ChromeEdition Miele W1 washing machines have a classic look with a large chrome door and can come with a straight or slanted fascia. WhiteEdition W1 Miele washing machines have a slightly more modern look with a large white door with chrome trim. The WhiteEdition machines also have a slightly bowed front and chrome finishes on the dial, buttons, drawer and controls.

"The Controls" the Miele W1 washing machines come with one of two control panels, either a 4 line liquid crystal display and touch buttons or a 1 line LCD display with touch buttons depending on which model you are looking into.

What "Features" are new? CapDosing, this is a feature that allows for one time use capsules to be used for special fabrics such as wool, silks, sportwear and re-proofing which require special detergent care. The Miele W1 washing machines also have a PowerWash system that allows for intense drenching of your washing along with a lower energy consumption, that improves cleaning and energy consumption by 10%. TwinDos, this means you can top your machine up with up to 3 months worth of detergent and conditioner for it to be dispensed automatically.

What Else? This new range of washing machines have larger drum capacities, either 8kg or 9kg (Miele's largest domestic washer drum size to date). They all come with a 1600 max spin speed and energy ratings of A+++ and will all have a 5 Year warranty to start with.

How to Choose? Now this bit could be tricky, first things first, which design would you prefer? 




That was probably the easiest bit. Now the next thing is do you need a 8kg drum or a 9kg drum? If you only need a small drum the choice is fairly wide there are 3 options in ChromeEdition and 3 options in the WhiteEdition. If it's the 9kg drum you are after the options in Chrome are the WKR570 WPS or the WKR770 WPS, and in White you will have one option of the WMR560 WPS.

You should then look at the features you think you would want. If you want Programme Manager, which gives you five programme options: Intensive, Eco, Extra Gentle, Extra Quiet and AllergoWash, im Chrome you have a wdie range of options but if this doesn't interest you simply go for the WKG120, or in White it is the WMG120.

There are some tricky decisions to be made when it comes to purchasing a new Miele W1 washing machine for further information go to the Premier Electrics website ot call 0800 592107 for professional independent advice.