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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Miele WT2780 Washer Dryer

The Miele WT2780 is Miele's only free standing washer dryer, but that said buy a washing machine believe the Miele WT2780 is probably one of the best washer dryers on the market. There is a flaw with the Miele WT2780 washer dryer though, that being that is only has a drying capacity of 3kg, which in this day and age would be considered as being fairly small. Putting the drying capacity to one side for a minute the Miele WT2780 comes with various great wash programmes, there is sure to be a programme for most genres of washing requirements. This Miele free standing washer dryer comes with the Miele honeycomb drum that leaves your laundry in top condition the WT2780 has an A+ energy efficiency rating and an A rating for wash performance. The WT2780 washer dryer may not be great for a larger family but is perfect for a small family and of course is a great space saver as there is not need to contain and washing machine and a separate tumble dryer in your home. For the best price Miele WT2780 try Premier Electrics, who are retailing the washer dryer at about £1074.

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  1. where is the stopcock on this unit