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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Retro Smeg Washing Machines

50's Style Smeg Retro Washing Machines


Buy Washing Machine Blog looks into the super groovy looking Smeg retro washing machines. So granted these Smeg retro washing machines look pretty cool but are they any good and does a price tag of around £800 seem justified, well lets take a look.

So we can make comparisons with Smeg's WMF147X Washing Machine. The approximate cost of the Smeg WMF147X is £650, so what do the Smeg Retro washing machines have that the WMF147X doesn't, other than styling of course. Well the Smeg Retro machines have a max spin speed of 1600 rpm, whereas the WMF147X has 1400 rpm, a plus point to the Retro washers, on the other had the Retro washing machines have a small wash capacity of only 5kg, so these machines may not be so suitable for those with larger families, so that could be seen as a neagtive for the Smeg 50's style machines. Both machines have delay timers, 47 litre water usage per year and have a years warranty. The Retro machines do have ratings of A, A, A for energy, wash and spin performance respectively and the WMF147X comes out with A, A, B ratings, so another plus for the retro machines.

I have taken a look on the review sites for the Smeg 50's style washing machines, there appear to be very few negative reviews and Which? seem to have quite a good view on them. So you may be splashing out perhaps an extra £100 for a Smeg Retro washing machine  but is it worth it? Yes if you like the design, as the technology is there, so why not brighten up your kitchen with a Smeg Retro washing machine, not only will it be a washing machine but it will also be a great focal point in your kitchen.

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  1. I would like to buy one of these, what is contact info?
    Thanks Mike/Dallas 214-535-0885